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Our Fans

“There is nothing better than wearing my Madame E’s and feeling different… the fact that colleagues from the fashion system are involved in the development of these tights is invaluable to me… I adore these tights because they are not more of the same…!”

Lina María Arbeláez

“I have known the work of Cata Navia for years and I know that she is not just innovative but really well informed about what is going on in the world of fashion. Her creations are avant garde, ingenious and right on the mark. Her products are made of high-quality materials and the price is incredible.”

La Pesada de Moda

“With my Madame E Tights I discovered that there are no limitations to the colour, comfort, femininity and style in one single garment. No matter the weather, with my tights I feel radiant. My legs are walking colourfully! My Madame E’s make me feel free!”

Vivian Malagón 

“I adore Madame E Tights; the designs bring out a new woman in me, very sensual. They are very comfortable and there is a design for each occasion.…!”

Pastora Fajardo

“With my Madame E Tights I feel more sexy; not only are the designs incredible, I am sure that I will not encounter thousands of women with the same tights; they represent me, and they look incredible!!”

Alejandra Córdoba