Product Care

Madame E Tights are the product of artisanal dyeing and printing processes. Each pair of Tights is produced with the highest level of care. Small irregularities in dyeing and printing are signs of the unique mark of individually produced tights.

How to take care of your Madame E tights?
-  Do not wear any rings when putting on your tights.
-  Do not leave your tights soaking in water.
- Do not store you tights in an environment where temperatures can rise above 30 degrees Celsius.
- Do not wash in washing machine (this may lead to laddering) but hand wash your tights in cold or lukewarm water (preferably use neutral soap without perfumes or chemicals that may affect the colors); slowly rinse the tights in your hands using the soap and then use ample water to remove the soap.
-  Do not expose to sunlight.

Do not wear rings or any other jewelry or accessories which may get caught in the tights. Check whether your finger and toe nails are smooth and do not contain rough or sharp edges.